Valentina Mazza, better known by her stage name MUSA, was born in Reggio Calabria, Italy.
Since childhood, she has shown a strong passion for music. As she grew up,
she cultivated this passion with dedication, becoming self-taught
both in singing than in the piano, opening up to the fascinating and complex world of music.
Her thirst for knowledge pushed her towards an in-depth study of the musical disciplines,
a search that quickly transformed into a total immersion in the world of the music.
She actively participated in local competitions and local contests, earning quickly a reputation
for his powerful voice and his magnetic stage presence.
At a very young age, she made the big leap, participating in national castings
of highly successful television programs such as THE COACH and X-FACTOR.
These experiences helped shape his artistic identity,
allowing her to fully express herself on stage and hone her interpretive skills.
MUSA is a multifaceted personality: energetic and extroverted,
but at the same time deeply sensitive and romantic.
It's this combination unique of features that made her loved by the public,
transmitting authentic emotions and arousing deep feelings
through his voice and his engaging performances.
His comsmitment to the world of music was not limited to televised competitions.
MUSA has taken his art around the country, performing in concerts and live events
that have left an indelible mark on the heart of the public.
His presence on stage is an overwhelming experience,
is capable of transporting spectators on an emotional journey
through his songs and lively interpretations.
In 2020, with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, the musical world has suffered a pause,
but this has not stopped the energetic of singer.Like many other artists,
he saw this moment as an opportunity to start a new personal musical project.
That's how she created her first single entitled 'L'infinito fra le nuvole',
dedicated to man more important than his life, the father.
A work who represents her talent and creativity of him in a challenging moment for the artist.
Through his determination, his talent and his unshakable passion for art,
MUSA continues to inspire and excite its audiences,
leaving an indelible mark in the Italian musical panorama.
His is a dream story, of sacrifice and triumph, a living testimony
of transformative power of music and of its lasting impact on the lives of those who listen to it.

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